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Our drug and alcohol inpatient rehabilitation facilities are located right in the heart of Delray Beach, Florida – a flourishing artistic community that has become known nationwide as the ‘recovery capital’ of the world. The year-round South Florida sunshine and ideal location lend themselves to innumerable employment opportunities, countless extracurricular activities and a safe and sobriety-rich environment conducive to thorough and lasting addiction recovery.

Our clients divide their time between two facilities throughout the 1st and 2nd phases our of drug & alcohol abuse treatment program – a specially designed therapeutic facility intended for group sessions, individual therapy and all other therapeutic needs, and a residential rehab facility where clients will reside for the extent of their stay. Once a client reaches the 3rd and final phase of our specially designed program of recovery, he will spend far less time at the therapeutic facility, having essentially graduated from the clinical portion of our treatment plan. However, clients in Phase III will be welcome to visit the clinical facility at any point in time, and will be encouraged to partake in one or two group sessions weekly if they so desire and if their schedule allows.

Our clinical inpatient rehab facility is located on the outskirts of Atlantic Avenue, the bustling downtown center of Delray Beach. Atlantic Avenue is home to numerous restaurants, shops, cultural centers and institutions, and it leads directly to the warm, sandy beaches of the Atlantic coast. Our facility is designed to host daily group therapy sessions, as well as weekly individual and family sessions. The facility also features a common area as well as a kitchen, where clients are able to store and prepare snacks between sessions. During Phase I of our drug and alcohol rehab program, clients will spend between 22-25 hours at this facility weekly, and during Phase II, they will spend between 12-16 hours on-site.


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"I thought putting down the drink and the drug made me ‘sober’, but all quitting did was make me dry. I’m extremely grateful for the emphasis this program puts on the 12-steps. I can now truly say that I am a sober man, recovering from alcoholism and learning to be an all around better person."
Kyle C - Attended in 2015
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